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Autumn 2018 Dental CPD Course Programme


NEW GDC REQUIREMENTS FOR CPD FOR DCP's Comes into force in AUGUST 2018 (Dentists started January 2018).
As a reminder, I have listed some of the important things you need to know below.

1. The Core subjects, are they still a requirement?

YES With other governing bodies – CQC, NHS, Health and safety, Resuscitation Council, IR(ME)R guidelines, Safeguarding, employment law, Data protection ETC.
Also the GDC website states:
The GDC's recommended topics
As a dental professional you must plan your CPD activity as it relates to your field of practice during your CPD cycle.
To help and support you in your CPD choices, the GDC has identified some CPD topics that will relate to many dental professionals in their field of practice. These are highly recommended to do as part of the minimum verifiable CPD requirement:

  • Medical Emergencies: at least 10 hours in every CPD cycle – and we recommend that you do at least two hours of CPD in this every year
  • Disinfection and Decontamination: we recommend that you do at least five hours in every CPD cycle
  • • Radiography and radiation protection: we recommend that you do at least five hours in every CPD cycle. This applies only to those who undertake radiography. If you are a dental technician you can do CPD in materials and equipment instead of radiography and radiation protection: at least five hours in every CPD cycle

We also recommend that you keep up to date by doing CPD in the following areas:

  • Legal and ethical issues
  • Complaints handling
  • Oral Cancer: Early detection
  • Safeguarding children and young people
  • Safeguarding vulnerable adults

We make these recommendations because we believe regularly keeping up to date in these topics contributes to patient safety.

2. The GDC will expect you to assess and choose your CPD Provider and courses carefully and check that they have Quality Assurance in place.
Focus and progress LTD have all verifiable quality assurance in place. (You can check on GDC website for QA guidance for CPD providers).

Our quality assurance includes:

  • Checking speaker’s qualifications and experience
  • Obtaining written feedback at the time of the CPD and evaluated and actioned accordingly
  • Registers to link attendance
  • Peer review
  • Clear aims objectives and outcomes decided with speakers
  • Regular CPD needs assessment
  • Educational teaching methods and audience participation
  • Transparent Verifiable criteria
  • Accurate measure of CPD hours
  • Reflection opportunities on back of certificates
  • Terms and conditions on website
The GDC states on the website under the new E CPD requirements the following:

‘’The GDC does not approve any providers of CPD activity.
You are responsible for selecting CPD that meets the requirements for verifiable activity.
You are also responsible for obtaining and keeping the documentary evidence (e.g. certificates) that is required for your CPD record.
You should use your professional judgement to decide whether or not you believe the CPD activity you have completed meets the requirements for verifiable CPD.
As stated in Section 5.3, the information required from the CPD provider is listed below, and demonstrates that the CPD you have undertaken is verifiable:

  • The subject, learning content, aims and objectives
  • The anticipated GDC development outcomes of the CPD
  • The date(s) that the CPD was undertaken
  • The total number of hours of CPD undertaken
  • The name of the professional who has participated in the CPD activity
  • That the CPD is subject to quality assurance, with the name of the person or body providing the quality assurance
  • Confirmation from the provider that the information contained in it is full and accurate. It should also include your registration number

If you are unsure whether an activity meets the criteria for verifiable CPD, before you start, you should ask the CPD provider to give you written information about how the activity will meet the requirements of verifiable CPD (above) before you agree to take part.
We recommend that all dental professionals, as consumers of CPD, make careful choices when investing time and money in CPD products and services and obtain advance assurances as to the quality and value for money.
We also encourage all CPD providers to make written participant feedback a part of their provision and to respond constructively and promptly where concerns are raised about the quality of products and services.’’

All of our courses meet the requirements above, our certificates will also contain all relevant requirements for you to feel confident that you meet the GDC requirements.

3. The GDC recommends that you carry out a diverse range of activities, with an emphasis on opportunities for discussions and interactive learning with fellow professionals.

Attending courses provides this opportunity.

4. The GDC require you to reflect on your CPD.

We can assist you with this by our reflection sheet that is provided on the back of ever certificate.

5. The GDC also want to see that you have linked your CPD to developmental outcomes.

We have done this for you. You can find them on the programme listed for each course and also listed on certificates, along with aims, objectives, hours, title and all other requirements.

6. The requirement for all dental professionals to have a personal development plan (PDP)

We offer a service to help you plan and complete a PDP and plan your CPD successfully to benefit you, your role and satisfy the GDC, including portfolio building/reflection and ensuring you meet the GDC requirements.

7. An increase in the number of verifiable hours for most professional titles and the requirement to spread the hours more evenly across the five- year cycle



Please try and book early, we had to cancel a few courses last year, due to booking requests being left until a couple of weeks before. We need to know rough numbers by at least a month before, to allow us to decide if a course has enough people to run and to confirm with speakers.

We also offer

  • PDP advice and guidance and help to complete and plan your PDP/CPD
  • 'IN HOUSE/PRACTICE' Basic Life Support/CPR training.
    A Practical, 'Hands On' session
  • CQC management and practice appraisal
  • Verifiable 'In house' training packs

For further details or contact:

Reminder: We have on-line booking and payment facilities. (Cheques and booking forms are still absolutely fine and will continue).

Please keep your eye on the website, if a course has to be postponed, it will always be updated on the website. We will do everything we can to contact you/ rearrange the course/find another speaker.

Links to GDC standard numbers, Aims, objectives & expected outcomes of each course will be printed on the certificates.  This will allow you to link your CPD and prove its relevance to your personal development.

  • Please add your practice/personal email to our mailing list by visiting our website.  The course programmes are updated on the website around June/July and November/December.  Courses that are FULL will be indicated along with any course changes

Courses for the whole dental team:

Dentists, Dental Nurses, Therapists, Hygienists, Managers, Receptionists, Trainers, Technicians and Students

All courses are held at Bournemouth Hospital - Education Centre.

Full address:
Bournemouth Post Graduate Education Centre
Royal Bournemouth Hospital
Castle Lane East
BH7 7DW (view on a Google Map)

Contact us for further information

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1. MEDICAL EMERGENCIES IN DENTAL PRACTICE – UPDATE TRAINING Could you recognise different medical emergencies? Do you feel confident in your ability to treat each medical emergency effectively?

This course will cover the key aspects of different medical emergencies and how best practice procedures can save lives. It is essential to update regularly on this subject, you may only get one chance to save a life. Different signs and symptoms, early recognition and the relevant course of action will be defined. The course will include equipment & emergency drugs. This is NOT a ‘hands on’ course.
This course is aimed at:   For the whole practice team
Speaker: Sonia Jones

2. SAFEGUARDING CHILDREN – LEVEL 2 - Working together to safeguard children.

This course will cover all aspects of child abuse and the relating signs & indications. It will look at referral paths and procedures & the required action. This training is required for ALL team members by the CQC. Safeguarding training should be updated annually. This training can be used as part practice evidence to demonstrate compliance in areas of CQC fundamental standards.
This course is aimed at:   For the whole practice team
Speaker: Jo Russell

3. IONISING RADIATION AND RADIATION PROTECTION IN DENTAL RADIOGRAPHY 2018 - Bournemouth Radiography ‘A’ – first of 3 interlinking lectures to be delivered over 3 years. Covering new regulations and the impact to dental practice.

This course is the first of 3 radiography courses. Dental radiography is a vast subject and impossible to cover fully in a 2 Hour course. Therefore, the subject has been split into three parts. You can attend any of the 3 courses in any order. All courses will cover different areas and topics related to radiography.
This course is aimed at:   For Therapists, Hygienists, Dental Nurse’s & Students. A knowledge up date for DCP ‘S. This is not an ‘IR(ME)R’ course for people who actually take radiographs, however, they are welcome to attend
Speaker: Sonia Jones

4. DATA PROTECTION (NEW GUIDELINES 2018) – An update on GDPR & how GDPR is working alongside dentistry 6 months on. Are you complying? Are there easier and more effective ways of complying?

This course will cover the new data protection guidelines introduced in May this year. Looking at GDPR and how it is affecting dental practices, highlighting GDPR requirements and different ways to meet these requirements and making life easier to comply with GDPR in the future.
This course is aimed at:   For the whole practice team
Speaker: Jo Russell


This course will define who may be deemed an adult at risk and why, the signs and the hidden reasons adults may be at risk, what to look out for and what to do. It will also cover Dementia awareness, & The Mental Capacity Act. This training is required for ALL team members by the CQC.
This course is aimed at:   For the whole practice team
Speaker: Jo Russell


This course will cover effective measures to manage microbiological contamination risks in the dental practice, strategies to tackle the various stages of disinfection & decontamination, the HTM01-05 regulations and the new guidelines and updates coming into force 2018 (An HTM01-05 training requirement). This training can be used as part practice evidence to demonstrate compliance in areas of CQC fundamental standards.
This course is aimed at:   For the whole practice team
Speaker: Jo Russell
10am – 4pm

7. RADIATION SAFETY 5 YEAR UPDATE – (Often referred to as an ‘’IR(ME)R Course’’). RADIOGRAPHY & RADIATION PROTECTION FOR IR(ME)R PRACTITIONERS - New IR(ME)R17 & IRR17 Regulations – Are you up to date?

A course which meets UK GDC verifiable CPD requirements in Radiography and Radiation Protection, with specific emphasis on new digital imaging systems and new IR(ME)R17 & IRR17 Regulations. The course covers the Principles of the ICRP Recommendations of Radiological Protection, which underpin The UK IR(ME)R17 & IRR17 Regulations.
This course is aimed at:   For Dentists & Dental Nurses who have obtained a Certificate in Radiography & Hygienists, Therapists who have completed the Radiography component or who have completed the Certificate in Dental Radiography.
Speaker: Clare Wray